Wimbledon '97: Tomorrow's headline? Carefree Kournikova

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Iva Majoli said that winning her first-ever match at Wimbledon this year after two previous attempts had ended in the first round meant as much to her as her French Open triumph of last month.

The No 4 seed from Croatia may now be less in thrall to her grass-court abilities after going on to reach today's quarter- final against the Russian prodigy Anna Kournikova.

But if Majoli thinks that she's got the green stuff sussed she could be in trouble, especially at the hands of an opponent whose combination of flair and fighting spirit (two tough three-setters in rounds three and four) have marked her out as a real star.

Carefree and confident, Kournikova is just the sort of player to exploit any lingering uncertainty Majoli may feel on the surface.