If you want to know how to ace your exams and get a first on all your coursework then this is the competition for you.

So yes we know you are already smart and might not need self-help books on how to be a brilliant student, but some expert help on the matter can never hurt.

We have two sets of six books from Pearson Education to give away, they are:

  • The Smarter Student - Study skills & strategies for success at university
  • How to write essays & assignments
  • How to write dissertations & project reports
  • How to succeed in exams & assessments
  • Effective Study Skills
  • The Smarter Student Planner

To win one of these sets all you got to do is email us your favourite study tip (max 40 words) by 14 September. We'll put a selection of our favourites on the website; the best two will win the study stash!

E-mail us at student@independent.co.uk

Pearson Education is also offering a 20 per cent discount on these books for all Independent Student readers.
To get this discount visit www.pearsoned.co.uk/independent