Name: Winston Taylor

Age: 28

What course are you taking? A BSc in Geography.

How did you get in? As a mature student through results.

Why did you choose Bath Spa? The relatively small size of the geography department and range of subject type throughout the modules on offer initially attracted me, but the attitude and enthusiasm of the staff I spoke to and met was what convinced me to study here.

How's the location of the university? Both of the campuses are stunning and provide a conducive environment in which to study. The main one, Newton Park, is set in a country estate owned by the Duchy of Cornwall while Sion Hill is centred around one of Bath's famous crescents - although there are plans to move elsewhere. Bath is fairly small and easy to negotiate and get used to; being only 12 minutes by train from Bristol, which has all the draws of a big city, means you get the best of both worlds.

What's the general atmosphere of the campus like? Excellent. With only 4,500 students it's a friendly place but it retains a focus for study.

What are the transport links like? Usually there's ample car parking space, regular bus services, and I hear the cycle route to the University is to be upgraded so there are plenty of options. What's the cost of living? Bath is not cheap. Rent is usually between £70 and £100 per week for a room in a shared house. Getting into clubs can add up though there are the usual promotions and student nights. There is a wide range of restaurants to suit both tastes and wallet, from takeaway burgers to expensive dining.

How's the nightlife? Pretty good. The usual suspect chains like Wetherspoons are there for cheap drinks but there are plenty of pubs with character too. The nightclubs are all fairly unique being mostly below street level and playing everything from live bands to techno. Moles, which has being going for years, is the pick of the crop.

A day in the life at the university would consist of... Study, lunch, study and then drinks. What else?

What are the societies like? Surprisingly for a smallish uni there is a wide range from subject specialities to the more abstract and bizarre. Too many for me to have checked out that's for sure.

How is the teaching support? In my honest opinion this is Bath Spa's trump card and though I acknowledge that academia has plenty of highly dedicated lecturers, the fact that at Bath Spa you know who they are (and more importantly, they know who you are) means that you get the most from lectures and seminars. Each of my lecturers has benefited my educational development in different ways.

What are the university facilities like? The canteen was recently revamped and the shop sells organic and fair trade produce so they're pretty good. The union does its job of supporting its students over various issues and the teaching support is good with loads of new computers. Though the University is small I've never felt that its size and facilities have restricted me.