'I couldn’t recommend getting a priority re-mark enough. It’s a chance to change things. You have to go for it'

If you’re disappointed by your A-level results and your heart is still set on going to university – read this.

Two years ago, I missed out on the grades I needed to get into my first-choice university.

How did I react? I curled up on the sofa and sulked. Like a child. It didn’t help that the majority of my friends were celebrating, of course. I remember the results night out; everyone was in good spirits and I sat there, utterly miserable, chugging down the drinks. You might be experiencing the same thing right now.

Looking back, everything I did initially on results day is not how you should behave. First tip: if things don’t go your way, do something about it – immediately.

Don’t sulk like me because you didn’t get what you wanted. Get on the phone and call up the universities you’re excited by. Speak to another human. Be confident, polite, and put your case forward to them.

Later that day, my dad drove me back into school to speak to my head of sixth form where I asked: “Should I get a re-mark, Sir?” The head just said to leave it, that my marks weren’t close enough to the boundary. He said to settle with what I’d got. Second tip: DON’T listen to people like this.

Luckily, I was close with my English teacher, who emailed me to tell me I had to ask for a priority re-mark. Unfortunately, a priority one is quite expensive – around £45-per-paper. But, because I have very supportive parents, they agreed to pay for re-marks on all three of my subjects.

This bit is key: if you go for the re-mark – which you definitely should if your heart is still set on that university – then get the PRIORITY one. This gets your papers back to you in seven to eight days. In my case, the priority re-mark got my grades returned to me a week later and, fortunately for me, my grades had improved. I called up my first choice to tell them the news – and they accepted me. The same could happen to you.

I couldn’t recommend getting a priority re-mark enough. It’s a chance to change things. You have to go for it.

But why get this and not a ‘normal’ re-mark? Read on.

I have a friend who didn’t get the grades, but instead of getting a priority re-mark, he got the ‘normal’ one. He didn’t get his grades back for several months – by which point he had already gone to another university he really didn’t want to be at – only to find out his grades had now gone up to what his original first choice would’ve accepted.

He hated the university he was at, so he left. He spent the year working and went to his first choice last September. He’s loved it there since.

As great a person as he is, don’t be like him. Don’t risk waiting months for a response. Pay for the priority re-mark and make things happen now. Trust me: the cost is worth it in the long-run.

What I’m trying to say is this: if things didn’t go your way today, don’t deal with the rejection by being dejected or defeatist. Don’t give up. You've taken a hit, sure, but it’s essential you keep moving forward.

Instead, do something about it. Immediately. Get on the phone and call up universities. Speak to someone. Be confident and go after what you want.

And, for the love of all that is holy, get a priority re-mark.

Good luck!

Twitter: @lucasfothergill