Rebecca Armstrong reviews the latest games releases

Premier Manager 2006-2007

Format: PC, PS2

Publisher: Zoo Digital

Price: £19.99

The Premier Manager series is in its 12th season and it's been given something of an overhaul this time around. The biggest improvements are the ease of navigation through the game and an updated player database. As ever, the aim of Premier Manager is to sign new players, keep the board happy and bring glory to the club. Wannabe José Mourinhos can manage clubs in England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Scotland, in both domestic and European competitions. A game carefully put together with fans in mind, it's a good buy for serious football followers.

Deep Labyrinth

Format: DS

Developer: Atlus

Price: £29.99

The first 3D first-person role-play game for the DS is, true to type, set in a monster-filled labyrinth. There are dozens of dank dungeon levels to explore in real time and plenty of foes to bring low with swords and spells. The best thing about this title is that there are two versions to play: Chapter One is for RPG rookies, and Chapter Two, which is based on a popular Japanese mobile-phone game, is for more expert gamers. It's a neat idea that works well in this fun, if somewhat unoriginal, title.

Bliss Island

Format: PC

Developer: Codemasters

Price: 60 minutes free/then a one off payment of £12.99

Bliss Island has 90 levels of bonkers Japanese-style gameplay. On your arrival at Bliss Island, you'll encounter Hoshi the Zwooph, a creature who blows air to create wind. This allows you to ride the gusts and play all manner of games. Bliss Island is one of a range of downloadable PC games at, Codemasters' casual gaming portal. This site has a huge range of addictive pick-up-and play games, which you can play for an hour for free, before deciding whether to download the full game.

ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007

Format: PS2, Xbox, PC

Developer: Oxygen

Price: £34.99

It's the swing that's king in the best golf computer games. But this has a new approach to hitting the ball. Instead of playing from a third-person perspective and manipulating a figure in the middle distance, this gives you a first-hand perspective over the ball. This makes for refreshing gameplay and there is the added bonus of being able to create unique courses. Unfortunately, there's no online play, but this is still a good golf game.

Darkstar One

Format: PC,

Developer: Ascaron,

Prive: £29.99

This straightforward but engaging title is set in the depths of space, where a young man has inherited his father's prototype space ship, Darkstar One. In between undertaking information-gathering missions, our hero can explore, become a space pirate and earn some cash that he can use to pimp his ride with weapons, boosters and extensions. As the game develops, greater swathes of the universe are opened up for plunder. An engrossing ride to the ends of the universe.

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