Stressed students at Dundee University are to be relieved with cute puppies, bubble wrap and a bouncy castle.

The creative project being set up by the Scottish university's Student Association will begin on 23 April where a bouncy castle will be blown up on campus.

And for an entire week, a petting farm will be set up including donkeys, sheep and other animals.

The events, which have been arranged as part of the student association’s Healthy Body Health Mind campaign, will also include "puppies for the day" where students will be allowed to pet man’s best friends and, in May, a "bubble wrap party" where students can pop bubble wrap.

It is hoped that the scheme will improve students’ mental health and allow them to focus more on their academic studies.

A 2010 survey by the National Union of Students into the mental well-being of students found 90 per cent reported more stress during exams than expected.

Events organiser and vice-president of student welfare, Katie Jowett, told the Express: “I know the pressure exams and course work can have on your mind and body.

“So being able to give the students a fun way to relieve that kind of stress and help in the smallest way I can makes me happy.”

“I’m looking forward to the activities myself and can’t wait to see the students’ reactions.”