Newcastle and Glasgow top list for student spending on alcohol

London doesn't even make the cut as Newcastle and Glasgow take the top two spots

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As students across the UK eagerly-await their exam results next month, their fate hangs in the balance.

Important decisions will have to be made for those who plan on moving out to study for degrees: which university to attend? How much money will go towards rent, bills, books, and food-shopping?

How much money will be spent on nights out?

Well, if you want to know where to head to for a good night out, the 2015 Student Living Index survey by NatWest has found the top-ten UK cities where students spend the most money on alcohol.

Newcastle takes the lead with £15.72-per-week, followed closely by Glasgow where students say they spend an average of £14.24.

Dundee and Bristol were placed ninth and tenth where, respectively, students in these cities say they spend around £11.71 and £11.62 every week when they hit the town.

London, expectedly, didn’t even make the cut, finishing last out of a list of 25 cities where the UK capital’s students say they spend just £7.46 each week on alcohol.

However much you may spend on booze on a night out, though, please drink responsibly. Thank you.