The rapid growth of today's youth slang leaves the older generation scratching their heads

A hilarious video showing professors attempting to catch-up with millennial slang words has been racking-up views online.

The clip sees staff from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, US, try to figure out the meaning behind words such as ‘fomo’ and ‘bae’.

One professor thinks he has ‘fomo’ sussed-out as he tells the camera: “Maybe it’s a sign that there’s no parents [sic] at home; father’s out, mother’s out. So, it’s fomo.”

Another admits how he thought he had ‘bae’ figured: “At first I just thought it was an abbreviation for Beyoncé,” while another was certain ‘bae’was a nickname for one of his students, Gabby.

One of the older lectures gets somewhat side-tracked as he reminisces how he was once employed by BAE Systems for a year.

However, not all of the academics were left scratching their heads as one manages to get ‘fomo’ almost instantaneously, while another is ‘on fleek’ with her definition.

For those who are struggling as much as the professors in the clip, here’s a list of the definitions of today’s most popular millennial slang words, along with the context in which they’re used:

1) Fomo – Fear of missing out

2) Slay – To accomplish something amazing

3) On fleek – Being perfect or on-point

4) Mupload – To upload something to the Internet via mobile

5) Bae – Believed to be a shortened word for ‘babe’ which also stands for ‘before anyone else’