3-2-1… with Huxley

For 3-2-1, Parklife grabs one of this year's most exciting acts for five minutes and finds out what's taking their fancy right now

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This time, Parklife catches up with Huxley, whose releases for the likes of Tsuba, Hypercolour and 20:20 Vision have seen him gain a legion of fans, and he has recently joined the ranks at Rinse FM with a monthly residency. His most recent single ‘Bellywedge’ was released last month, accompanied by this hilarious mainstream-baiting video.

Three current favourite floor fillers

Breach – Jack

It does exactly what it says on the tin. I was hoping that Claude [Vonstroke] made a slip up and this track never came out so i could hammer it forever.


Deetron ft Ovasoul7 – Out Of My Head (KiNK Vocal Mix)

I love the organ and love the vocal. Great uplifting recording. Something neither Deetron or KiNK are scared today in an age when some people are so snobby about this kind of record. I love it and it works a treat. The original of this track is going to be big too.

Boris D’lugosh – Hold Your Head Up (Julian Jonah Bad Boy Mix) 

Bloody old but still bloody good. I recently rebought the CD of this on Discogs for about 10p. Best 10p (plus 5 quid shipping) I’ve ever spent. My vinyl copy was on some compilation vinyl and was only about 3 mins long.


Two current favourite DJs


I’ve played with these guys loads of times lately and have to say every time they’ve played amazingly. Always tight, great music and they know how to use the equipment to the full advantage.


I played with him in Melbourne and then caught a bit of him in Miami and he was different gravy. Next level shit.

One favourite thing about the summer

A legitimate excuse to eat ice lollies. I don’t think you need a reason why for this.

Huxley appears as part of Drop The Mustard’s line-up on Sunday at Parklife, with headliners  MadeonJames Zabiela  and  Fake Blood