My story: "To begin with it was just name calling"

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Stephen Sellers, 16, suffered from bullying when he was younger. Read his story here…

“To begin with it was just name calling, then as I moved up through school it got more physical until, when I was in my last year of junior school, they actually kicked me into a corner. Then I moved to comprehensive school and it got a bit more physical. It meant that in my third year I actually contemplated committing suicide. That was the lowest point of my life, and it was at that point that I turned things around. The person I told at the time is my sister and she gave me the strength to carry on, put myself into my work and make my life better.

“I’m now head boy ay my school, and I help other people with their bullying experiences. I set up an anti-bullying initiative in my school, which basically involves a daily session where people can come along and talk about their bullying experiences. I’m clear of bullying now and have achieved my goals – now I’ve just got to cope with my GCSEs!”