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Online counselling: It is getting easier for students to seek help

After months of anticipation, a few too many mince pies, and the countless times you were asked "so, how is university?", it is time to exchange home comforts for independence, and bustling festive weeks for cold, January exams. Yet as days turn to weeks, and weeks turn to months, and it is no longer a case of the January blues. Perhaps you're jaded and smiling faces in the prospectus cover aren’t quite so relatable; in fact, nothing seems to be any more. What's happened?

Do counselling services at university need a dramatic overhaul?

Are counselling services providing enough support to students feeling overwhelmed at university? With social networking sites all encouraging us to post the positive elements of our lives, the widespread expectation that we should all be living a hedonistic lifestyle means that those students who do feel low or depressed can often resort to coping with their problems by themselves.

Healthy mind, healthy body: Keeping student stress at bay

The exam period is always a stressful time and it does not do justice for our mindset and our physical body. We all cope with pressure in various ways. Yet have no fear because there are ways to stay on top of everything and to sustain a healthy mind and healthy body.