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Trans rights come to the fore at Student Pride 2015

The 10th anniversary of Student Pride took place at the University of Westminster in London last weekend weekend and the LGBT community celebrated in style with masses of pink clothing, live music and tonnes of candyfloss.

Lad culture: What can be done when it's everywhere at university

It’s Saturday night in Bath – the queues are forming outside the clubs on one of its main streets. As the club rep hands out a leaflet to a young group of lads in rugby colours, one of them gropes her. She neither flinches nor squeals, simply rolls her eyes and hands out the next pamphlet.

Five brilliant bars in London that every student should know

To a few pessimistic nitwits, the London Student bar scene is something of an unattractive character of the capital. With fears of overpriced, watered down drinks in an environment so full of hostility and snobbery there is no room left for fun, some foolish students head North, South, East and West to find refuge in some of the more obvious student cities.

Alternative nights out: 10 things to do instead of clubbing which

As a student, a lot of time is spent in the Library. When it gets to Friday (or, face it, Wednesday) night, going out clubbing seems like the perfect way to take a break and enjoy yourself. But clubbing can get boring after a while and, although the night itself might be fun, the hangover isn’t.