How to survive exams during the Tube strike


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So, as another argument comes to surface between the hapless mayor of London and the providers of one of the best commuting services in the western world breaks out – London students are left without their beloved form of transport.

Commuters of all ages squeeze into buses like sardines, running around like headless chickens in the search for alternative solutions. For students with a week of exams in their diaries the strike could not have come at a worse time. Adding to the mounting pile of stress, students must find alternative solutions. Here are just a few tips to make sure none of them are running late for when it counts.

Check the route

The Tube strike is always a confusing time for Londoners; no one knows what will be running when or for how long. The best thing to do, if you have an important date with an exam paper, is go online and check the services running before even thinking of alternative solutions. With few staff working on the day, a slightly delayed service may be running on your designated route. With this option comes a warning - the Underground is not a happy time during a strike. Expect delays and infuriated businessmen and women who are tired and have very little patience.

Take the bus?

Having learned that all available Tube stations within a two-mile radius are closed, the immediate first choice would be to hop onto one of London’s many big red companions. Buses are an underrated form of transport running at a lower cost. However, these giants of the road take on extraordinary pressure during the time of the strike causing for an uncomfortable and slow experience. Crammed into a metal box with frustrated and disappointed Londoners, it's hard to decide what is worse – the heat or the fresh smell of someone else’s breakfast.

Dust off the bike

The temporary closure could come as the kick up the bum many unmotivated students needed. With transport links at a full standstill, get on that helmet and high-vis jacket and beat the commute on a bike. For any students who live in zone four or above, a cycle into university may mean a grueling ride along dangerously busy roads, dodging HGV trucks and buses which seem to have a hidden prerogative to squash you.

Call a cab

I can already hear the sighs of London students thinking of the daunting prospect of paying extortionate prices for a taxi. However, many cab services are offering discounted prices during the Tube strikes. In one of the most generous marketing schemes black car service, Uber, is offering 50 per cent off. Travel in style to university and enjoy the relaxing sound of digital radio before entering the exam room.

Leave plenty of time

However students choose to make the intimidating trip across London, be sure to leave plenty of time. Travel services are sure to be overpopulated and sporadic so a healthy cushion of time will be necessary to not run late on one of the most important days of the year. Just be glad they aren’t on strike when you want to celebrate.