Here it comes again. It’s that time of year when students gather all their educational nuts and hide away inside their damp student housing. Stressing out about all things in the future, words such as "cram" and "blag" are thrown around. Depressing Facebook statuses fill newsfeeds with the impending sense of failure, as the prisoners of higher education embark on one of the most challenging times of their university careers. However depressing, here are a few positives.

You save money

Think about all that fun you could be having rather than revising; going out for lunch, drinking heavily or heading to the cinema. Now think about all the money you are saving by hiding away at your desk and having next to no social life. Appreciate the smaller things and, with the extra cash you save by being a social recluse, buy yourself a nice dinner or a new album to revise to. Students may be stuck inside but overdrafts around the country are getting a well-needed rest.

No lectures

Revision periods may mean hours slogging away inside books, but it’s better than waking up for that morning lecture. Self-study gives you the freedom to "be your own boss", deciding when you want to work and, most importantly, when you want to rest. Setting targets each day, students have the freedom of 24 hours to complete their designated section of revision. If that gets completed early – maybe a little playtime is in order.

Going home for food

Now that lectures have finished and the trip back to university cities is for the dreaded exams, there is no need to slum it out in your overpriced student house. Working in damp, cold, hostile environment filled with grumpy, exam-stressed students sounds a smidge less appealing than surrounding yourself with homemade food and family while revising. Students making the most of this time of will find a good excuse to head home to their mothers, with greedy eyes and empty bellies.

Great excuse for ignoring people

Ever wanted the best excuse to not go out? Maybe that date just doesn’t appeal or perhaps that annoying guy from always wants to hang out. Revision is the best way to get out of it. The only problem with this is that a responsibility to actually revise will emerge. However, for students who find it difficult to say no, revision is one of the best-known student-wide excuses that most higher education slaves will understand.

You might even do well in the exam?

I guess the most positive reason for revising is to actually do well in the exam. All these other reasons are great but, at the end of the day, students are at university for a reason, so just get on with it (sensible head on now). The past years of cheap meals, even cheaper drinks and early mornings will mean nothing if you don't do some work. Revision is a necessity; it tests the best of us, but it can be a tool to use in order to secure degrees and, therefore, futures.