The fifth Burnout title in the street racing series sees gamers given free rein to roam the street of Paradise City.

This open-world approach is evident from the get-go, although there are certain areas and events that need to be unlocked with swift and skilful driving. With around 250 in game miles to explore and 70 cars to do it in, there’s plenty for the casual gamer to play with, plus endless options for the kind of carnage that makes Burnout great.

However, this openness can make life tricky when it comes to street racing; it’s no mean feat manoeuvring through this maze-like metropolis, not least when you’re trying to beat AI opponents. But the more adventurous you are the more events you’ll find to race in and the chaos becomes part of the fun. Another plus to this free and- easy approach is that you don’t have to repeat races if you don’t want to – you can just race off into the distance and find a new bunch of suckers to do battle with.

Format: Xbox 360, PS3

Publisher: EA

Price: £49.99