Game review: Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Format: PS3, Xbox 360; Publisher: Rockstar Games; Price £44.99
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Midnight Club is Rockstar Games’ “other” franchise. Though Grand Theft Auto may grab all the headlines, this street racer has more than its own share of fans. In this, the fourth in the series, Los Angeles is the setting for your attempts to become the city’s top illegal street racer.

You have complete freedom of the City of Angels, so you can drive around admiring the beautiful graphics or challenge the competitors that are waiting for you at various junctions. As you build your reputation you get hold of more and more of the numerous licensed cars in the game, each one with their own unique and realistic feel.

Although clearly an arcade racer, the game offers a number of opportunities for tinkering with your ride. The racing style is frenetic, helped by the realistic traffic and persistent police. The multiplayer aspect is also strong, letting you show off your customised cars online.