Game review: Nitrobike

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The Wii’s controller has brought a great deal more realism to driving in racing games – without gamers having to shell out the money for a steering wheel peripheral.

But using it proves a little counter-intuitive in this dirtbike title, the first such game for the Nintendo Wii. That’s because instead of moving the controller like a bike’s handle bars, gamers have to use it as they would a steering wheel. Still, once you start playing, it feels a whole lot better than using a joypad.

Like last year’s Excite Truck, Nitrobike is all about speeding round an off-road track as quickly as possible, and the chances to pull off tight stunts and big air are endless. The more airborne moves you manage, the bigger your booster power becomes, making it easier to cross the finish line in record time. In terms of online, Nitrobike is a little uninspiring, letting only six players go head to head at once. However, one of the best features is the Crash Bowling mini-game, which is definitely an above average extra.

Format: Wii

Publisher: Ubisoft

Price: £19.99