Originally a PSP title, Twisted Metal: Head-On was one of the handheld console’s best launch titles.

Any PS2 owners dubious about buying a PSP port for their machine needn’t worry too much – the title has had something of a makeover in the form of added content. As before, gameplay is more about combat that anything else, so each vehicle is studded with missile launchers, napalm and mounted machine guns.

Gamers get to tool around arenas, inner cities and suburbs, venting their fury on pretty much everyone and everything in their way. In addition to this there are three new levels, a documentary, an on-foot section to play with and a variety of mini-games ranging from a Demolition Derby to a bunch of obstacle courses. There are some uneven momentss, but the £20 price goes some way to making the occasional glitches easier to deal with.

Format: PS2

Publisher: Sony

Price: £19.99