iPod nano

From 99.99

Still the cutest digital music player, and now available in a range of colours and capacities. Like other iPods, the nano is exceptionally easy to use and looks and feels great. The screen can't handle video, but you won't want to squint at something this petite, will you?


Nokia 6300

£99.95 on pay-as-you-go

Look, you can buy a mobile phone for less (as little as £20, now), but this is a great price for one of the best handsets Nokia has ever made. It has killer looks, a bright colour screen, is slim enough to lose in your pocket, has Bluetooth and a two-megapixel camera and springs into life faster than you can say, "That's the end of this lecture".


Nintendo Wii


Proof that videogaming isn't sedentary: the smash success of the next-generation console war is Nintendo's wonderful Wii. Ignore the name and enjoy the motion-sensitive controller that is as great for sports games as for the zany antics of Wario Ware Smooth Moves. Essential growing-up fun.


Beer Burglar Alarm


The motion sensor in this alarm spots when someone's approaching and sets off with an extremely loud siren or a voice entreating "Keepa Da Hand Off Ma Beer!" A simple, but highly enjoyable way to make opening the fridge door more fun. Batteries included.


Kodak M753 compact digital camera


It's slim, it looks great whether you choose the silver or black version and it has a whopping seven megapixels to deliver detailed, impressive shots. Don't get carried away in the rush to have ever-higher pixel counts: seven is more than enough. Too many and they'll be too small to be significant on a small sensor. The M753 is easy to use, even if you're new to photography.


JBL Creature II 2.1 multimedia speakers


Great sound, great look - these speakers will make your MP3s sound great and turn your laptop into a decent stereo. You can also connect the Creatures straight into your portable player. The decent satellite speakers deliver strong sound, with bass from the big subwoofer. Available in black, silver and red.