Alan Milburn

Diary: Armchair Field Marshal still fighting the last war

Although only a fool would reach a firm conclusion about Ed Miliband's leadership so soon, one omen suggests he'll do fine. Armchair Field Marshal the Lord (David) Aaronovitch has come to a firm conclusion about Little Ed's leadership, declaring him no leader at all. Writing in The Times, the fearless Parker Knoll warrior deconstructs Ed's conference speech to paint him as a posturing student politician of the kind who might answer every University Challenge question with "Trotsky".

Milburn attacked for taking coalition role

Alan Milburn faced an angry backlash from former colleagues last night after he became the most prominent Labour figure to accept a job from the Tory-Liberal Democrat Government.

Matthew Norman: And who knows better about social mobility?

The Government's hiring of Alan Milburn as its "social mobility tsar" provides the most seismic event of its kind for a very long time ... possibly as long ago as the appointment of puritan £5m birthday-party man Philip Green as our anti-profligate spending tsar.

Chris Mullin: Servant of the people

His bestselling diaries are a must-read for any political animal, yet Chris Mullin has never played the Westminster game. As he prepares to step down as an MP, Andy McSmith meets a parliamentarian who's been content to campaign from the foothills – and doesn't complain about his pay

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Doughnuts join list of nutritious food

Companies will be able to claim custard tarts, sausage rolls and even doughnuts are healthy foods under a European crackdown on junkfood advertising, campaigners complained yesterday.