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A gadget to suck food out of your stomach, and 5 other lazy weight

Wouldn't January be easier if, instead of cutting out unhealthy food and jogging, dieters could employ a gadget to suck away that Christmas fat? Well that's what Dean Kamen is thinking. Mr Kamen, inventor of the Segway, has applied to patent a pump that can suck food and drink straight out of the stomach, allowing users to eat to their heart's content - then drain everything away through a valve surgically installed into their abdominal wall. Innovative or what? Still, if that seems a little OTT (and the tool is designed for the morbidly obese), here are other ways to lose the flab without breaking too much sweat.

The 50 Best womenswear

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It's so her last season – France's style queen quits

Given the notoriously icy "editrix" of US Vogue Anna Wintour once dismissed Sienna Miller as "toothy", it seems unlikely that she was crying into her designer water yesterday following the news that her fierce rival at French Vogue is to stand down.

Daisy Goodwin: A woman of substance

Already TV’s face of poetry, awardwinning producer and ‘head girl’ of her own company, Daisy Goodwin has writtenher debut novel. She talks to Arifa Akbar

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On the agenda: A Positive View charity photo exhibition; Pizza East;

It has been 10 years since A Positive View ran its last charity photo exhibition, but it's been worth the wait: 130 signed works are set to go on show at London's Somerset House, with vintage photography from the likes of Magnum's Elliot Erwitt sitting alongside contemporary works by artists such as film-maker Wim Wenders and a suite of pieces by photographers from South-east Asia and West Africa – all juxtaposed against a series of images by homeless photographers taking part in Crisis's Skylight education project. All profits from a subsequent Christie's auction of many of the works will go to the homeless charity. Wednesday to 6 April,