Anthony Hopkins

Diary: Legends of The Fall

Mark E Smith, frontman and last remaining original member of The Fall, was always an angry young man. Now that he's approximately 60 years older than any other member of his band, he remains a reliably curmudgeonly interviewee. Complaining of The Fall's continuing popularity with festival crowds, Smith told the Australian magazine Brag that attending such events obliged him to mingle with too many "ass lickers" for his liking. Among the aforementioned "ass lickers", he revealed, were Mumford and Sons: those banjo-strumming, chart-topping exponents of the genre sadly known as nu-folk.

The Hacker: The Hook of Holland could turn out to be thin end of the

At first glance, there is little in common between the game of golf and Operation Market Garden, the failed attempt by the Allies in 1944 to gain control of three key river bridges near Arnhem. Apart, of course, from the rather trite analogy of – in the case of my performances on the course, anyway – incompetence and ill-preparedness.