Art Deco

The ten best dressing tables

Get ready for the day ahead the smart way. Whether it’s an Art Deco design classic or a simple modern style, this selection is beautiful in itself...

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My Secret Life: Ciaran Hinds, actor, 57

My parents were... My father was a GP, my mother was a teacher and amateur actress. My father was a bit of a storyteller, but the acting influence must have been from her – yes, put it down to my mother.

Pick of the Picture Books: Paris/ New York: Design, Fashion, Culture

In design, how many styles persist as an instant visual shorthand for elegant fun and relaxed sophistication more than 80 years after their creation? There's only one answer to that question: the Art Deco of the 1920s and 1930s, whose gleaming chrome, sinuous curving lines and luxurious geometry remain a must-have for restaurateurs keen to ride out the recession.