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Patten: I won't be popular at the BBC

Lord Patten told MPs yesterday that if he was confirmed as the new chairman of the BBC he would expect to be unpopular – and predicted that "there will be all hell let loose" as the corporation is forced to cut spending on programming.

John Shepherd-Barron: Inventor of the hole-in-the-wall cash dispenser

John Shepherd-Barron's invention of the automatic cash dispenser – now ubiquitous, but in the 1960s a mysterious contrivance – owed something to his technological grasp, his business sense and his ingenuity. It also owed something to his annoyance with a bank branch when he turned up at 12.31 on a Saturday to find to his irritation that it had closed one minute earlier, which meant he could not cash a cheque.

Wealth Check: 'How can I improve my savings to buy a house in a

Cara Martin, 28, is a qualified social worker and works full time in adult mental health for the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. She lives at home with her parents in the family home in the south of the city. "My financial goals include increasing my personal savings and working towards buying my own home within a year," she says.

Patrick Kinna: Churchill's wartime secretary

As Winston Churchill's secretary and assistant, Patrick Kinna often found himself at the centre of events during the Second World War. The Kinna family had generations of army service but Patrick, slight of stature and not cut out to follow his four elder brothers into the forces, thought to have a career as a journalist and enlisted in a local secretarial college to acquire shorthand and typing skills, winning the All England Championship for secretarial speeds. He joined Barclays Bank as a clerk while deliberating whether to be a journalist or a skating instructor; he had been training with Belita Jepson-Turner and achieved British gold medal status in ice dancing.

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Wealth Check: 'How long will it take to be able to afford my own

Luke Murdoch is a 20-year-old technical process manager who has been working at Barclays bank for two years. Despite his dedicated approach towards saving, Luke faces the difficulties of many other first-time buyers eager to get on to the property ladder.