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Ben Bernanke

America builds up to a return

The country's housing market dictates when the wider economy will recover. Some experts say it has turned the corner, but has it?

Modest recovery for world markets

Hopes of a fresh round of fiscal stimulus measures today helped London's battered shares index dodge its longest losing streak for eight years.

The books cashing in on the crash

When the masters of the universe came crashing down to earth last year, the reverberations were felt far beyond Wall Street and the City. Sean O'Grady surveys the best of the books that explode the myth that greed is good

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Wall Street humiliated by nationalisation of banks

The US government is set to become the largest shareholder in its national banks, pumping in $250bn (£143bn) to prop up its financial system and marking one of the most startling moments in a credit crisis that has broughtquasi-nationalisation to the home of free-market capitalism.

Paulson and Bernanke savaged over bailout plan

The Bush administration's plan for a $700bn bailout of financial markets was savaged by lawmakers on Capitol Hill, who demanded more time to consider the potential costs to the taxpayer and said they would insist on additional measures to punish Wall Street for excesses that have taken the economy to the edge of disaster.

'The strong are just': Brown invokes JFK in his vision of a united

Gordon Brown has called for a "global covenant" in collaborative action between Europe and America in a keynote speech in Boston. Using a lecture at the John F Kennedy presidential library, where he was introduced by Senator Ted Kennedy, the Prime Minister warned of the "terrifying risks" of failing to respond to the need for global co-operation.