Black Sea

Cold down the river Danube

Hundreds of miles of Europe's busiest waterway are frozen solid – and from Bavaria to Bulgaria, the continent's economy is seizing up too. Tony Paterson reports from Berlin

Thirty degrees below – and at least a hundred dead: Europe's big

With record snowfalls, icy winds, and thousands of people trapped in remote villages, much of Central and Eastern Europe is in the grip of a cold snap that has caused more than 100 deaths. Temperatures in parts of Ukraine and other Eastern European countries are hovering around -30C (-22F).

Naval deal brings chaos to Ukraine parliament

Eggs and smoke bombs were hurled across the chamber of the Ukrainian parliament yesterday as opposition deputies sought to stop the extension of a lease on a Russian naval base in the Crimea.

Glyndebourne podcast: Dvorák's Rusalka

Melly Still, Director, and singers Ana Mara Martnez, and her on-stage Prince, Brandon Jovanovich, discuss the new Festival production of Dvorák's Rusalka with Edward Seckerson.

Istanbul: Inside strait

Magnificent palaces, mosques and markets are Istanbul's most obvious attractions. But while revisiting the city, Linda Cookson instead faced seawards – and found a world of surprises on the waterway that divides East and West

How one ancestor helped turn our brown eyes blue

Everyone with blue eyes alive today – from Angelina Jolie to Wayne Rooney – can trace their ancestry back to one person who probably lived about 10,000 years ago in the Black Sea region, a study has found.