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Yann Tiersen at the Barbican in London, gig review

Recording the sounds of his home on the island of Ushant (Eusa in Breton) off the coast of Brittany to tape – the sea dragging stones along the beach, crows calling to one another, the wind across the flat plains – Yann Tiersen has borrowed part of that wild landscape and brought it to London.

Not just the stuff of legend: Famed Viking 'sunstone' did exist,

For centuries, it has been a crystal of legend locked in the verses of Norse myth with little or no evidence that it was ever real. Now it seems scientists at last have grounds for believing that the Viking “sunstone” used to navigate the seas did indeed exist.

New class breaks 600-mile barrier

As a second of the new MOD 70-foot trimarans suffered damage to an underwater foil, the new leader of the Krys Ocean Race from New York to Brest, Yann Guichard’s Spindrift, rattled off 639.9 miles in 24 hours.

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Beached ship leaks fuel off France

High winds have beached a cargo ship off France's Atlantic coast and some of the 220 tons of fuel in its hold is leaking, threatening a local beach.

Insider's Guide: Brittany

This week, Jeremy Waldron, from villa and cottage holiday specialist Brittany Travel, reveals his tips for the best trips and treats beside the northern French seaside.