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Pop review: Barbra Streisand at London's O2 - What every diva needs;

About half way into Barbra Streisand Live, the star, sparkling in her spangly tuxedo, launched into a 10-minute "Ask Barbra" session. It is six years since she last played in London, and fans had been given the chance to fill in a card, on arrival, with a question for their heroine. One got the sense that these had been judiciously edited. "Barbra, how are you so beautiful?" enquired one. Barbra refused to reveal her magic formula, and displayed no false modesty, tipping the card back into the box from whence it came. This was not an evening for non-believers.

First bike stolen as NYC cycle-hire scheme gets off to wobbly start

New York’s answer to London’s “Boris Bikes” programme made its official debut today, as the city launched its Citi Bike cycle-share scheme. But while many, including Mayor Michael Bloomberg, are celebrating the rollout, others have been complaining about the docking stations that have sprung up around Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Police photo-fit of killer nothing like the man arrested

When police in New York arrested Salvatore Perrone earlier this month on charges of shooting three Brooklyn shopkeepers to death, the focus was on the grisly murders of the merchants as they worked in their clothing stores. But now attention has turned to the police and, in particular, its initial sketch of the likely suspect.

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Eight-year-old boy is killed and dismembered

A man accused of abducting and dismembering an eight-year-old Brooklyn boy told investigators that he suffocated the child with a towel after learning that thousands of volunteers were out searching for the youth, a law enforcement official said today.

Brooklyn heights: Sky Atlantic's 'Bored to Death' is achingly hip but

Jonathan Ames has problems. He's been dumped by his girlfriend, who thinks he drinks too much white wine of a slow evening, and who has subsequently moved out of their book-lined Brooklyn apartment leaving him wondering how to pay the rent. As if that weren't bad enough, he's permanently under-employed, almost broke and suffering from a bad on-going case of writer's block.