Gary David Goldberg: Creator of the hit sitcoms 'Family Ties' and

Gary David Goldberg, who died on 22 June of a brain tumour a few days before his 69th birthday, created the 1980s hit sitcom Family Ties before expanding into feature films. His TV successes also included the comedy Spin City, which in 1996 reunited him with Family Ties star Michael J Fox as the deputy mayor of New York.

Pop review: Barbra Streisand at London's O2 - What every diva needs;

About half way into Barbra Streisand Live, the star, sparkling in her spangly tuxedo, launched into a 10-minute "Ask Barbra" session. It is six years since she last played in London, and fans had been given the chance to fill in a card, on arrival, with a question for their heroine. One got the sense that these had been judiciously edited. "Barbra, how are you so beautiful?" enquired one. Barbra refused to reveal her magic formula, and displayed no false modesty, tipping the card back into the box from whence it came. This was not an evening for non-believers.

Internet wunderkind, Aaron Swartz, found dead

Internet activist Aaron Swartz, who played a key role in stopping an online piracy bill in the United States, has committed suicide, New York's chief medical examiner ruled last night.

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Why SXSW is a voyage of discovery

Bruce Springsteen, Fiona Apple, barbecue – who needs them? Not Gillian Orr, who went off-piste in search of new acts to get excited about at the biggest and best music festival in America