Buenos Aires

Q&A Travel unravelled: The ideal itinerary for a three week

Q My 22-year-old son and two student friends are going to South America in August for three weeks. They fly out to Rio de Janeiro, and back from Buenos Aires. They are thinking of bussing across Uruguay between the two cities. Would it be better to just book a flight? Kathleen Mulholland

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Argentina jails 'dirty war' officers accused over killing of German

Argentina has jailed two ageing former army officers for life for their role in the country's infamous "dirty war" of the 1970s, ending a long-running torture and murder case which has also led to charges of shameful inaction being levelled at the German government for over 30 years.

Santos hold firm on Neymar sale

Santos have no plans to sell teenage striker Neymar and want to keep him at the club for several more years, Santos President Luis Alvaro de Oliveira Ribeiro said on Thursday.

Buenos Aires: The Paris of Latin America

Like their Left Bank counterparts, the cafés of Buenos Aires once hosted literary greats, from Lorca to Borges. Mick Webb visits this year's World Book Capital