Film review: Richard Pryor: Omit The Logic, Marina Zenovich, Sheffield

In the long history of troubled and self-destructive comedians, few have been quite as troubled or as self-destructive as Richard Pryor (1940-2005), the subject of Marina Zenovich’s new feature doc. The film - a UK premiere at the Sheffield Doc Fest - has barely started when we hear about Pryor setting himself on fire after a booze and freebasing cocaine binge.

Egyptian TV host accused of insulting Morsi

Prosecutors are investigating a popular television comedian for allegedly insulting the President. An Islamist lawyer filed the charges against Bassem Youssef, whose show on the private satellite channel is modelled on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show in the US.

Naked photos of Prince William on the market

Another twist to the naked royals story; William Foxton, writing for The Telegraph, discusses how photos of Kate Middleton have boosted the fortunes of online porn sites - and reveals that pictures of Prince William naked are also apparently being offered to publishers.

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Kids getting too much attention? Publish your 'momoir'

This autumn, don't be surprised if you find hordes of tween girls huddled over the debut book by Pattie Mallette. She's not the new JK Rowling or Stephenie Meyer – Mallette is, in fact, Justin Bieber's mother, and it has just been announced that in September she will publish Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber's Mom. Although mainly chronicling her own troubled childhood, naturally it will include details of what it's like being the mother of the most famous teenager on the planet.