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Irish boy wins Chinese story-telling competition

An Irish boy has defeated dozens of native speakers to finish in the top five of the All China Storytelling competition for his performance in Mandarin Chinese of "Little Red Riding Hood" – complete with red headwear.

The Natural World: Always have a friend for dinner in China

The aquariums are a bit overwhelming: there are dozens, each with its living display of seafood laid out before me. As with many popular restaurants in China, the customers are poring over and sizing up the food while servers encouragingly prod and corral their livestock. There are clams from Canada, abalone from South Africa, locally caught crabs with their claws held closed by elastic bands.

On the Beijing Beat: 'Free expression' struggles to find outlet at the

The local authorities promised a commitment to "free expression" (away from the venues) during the Games, and it's good to see the hard data on how they're faring. The Chinese government said last month that anyone wanting to stage a legal protest could simply make a request five days in advance, give details of the protest and provide basic details of the participants. Three parks were earmarked for demos.

Liu injury stuns China

A capacity crowd in the Bird's Nest was stunned into silence when local hero Liu Xiang pulled out of the morning's final event, the 110m hurdles, through injury.