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We all love to lose ourselves in a good book but can we be more influenced by literature than we previously thought? A new study from Ohio State University suggests that readers who identify with fictional characters are prone to subconsciously adopt their behaviour, so a reader would find themselves feeling the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and internal responses of one of the characters – something the researchers are calling "experience-taking".

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Bale: film crew betrayed 'trust'

Ever since Christian Bale turned the air blue on the set of Terminator Salvation, directing a expletive-ridden rant at the film's director of photography, the world has known the actor is unafraid of speaking his mind.

DVD: The Dark Knight, Retail & Rental, (Warner)

Christopher Nolan tops his own 'Batman Begins' with a film that's less inspired by superhero comics than by crime novels, as it traces the trail of a city's corruption from its backalleys to its corridors of power.