Consumer Credit

David Prosser: The message from consumers: the Bankmust bail us out

Outlook The second successive fall in monthly retail sales cannot be directly attributed to the measures unveiled in Wednesday's spending review, since the data is for September. Still, the precipitous fall-off in consumer confidence we have seen since the Chancellor's emergency Budget in June provides the biggest clue as to why spending is falling: people are spooked by the prospect of the austerity ahead (not to mention the million job losses expected as a result of the spending review).

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Julian Knight: After 350 years, Bankers at last get something right

How dare they? Those damned bankers, not content with getting the legal seal of approval on sky-high current account charges, paying themselves bonuses for doing jobs they wouldn't even have if it weren't for the taxpayer, they now, horror of horrors, want to get rid of the good, old, reliable cheque.