David Letterman

No one should have expected Jimmy Fallon to go tough on Donald Trump

Anyone who expected Jimmy Fallon to go tough on Donald Trump during last night’s interview clearly hasn’t been watching “The Tonight Show.” Fallon is nothing more than free advertising for his celebrity guests. They come on, they play silly games, they act like good sports and they’re rewarded: The clips go viral and viewers marvel at how down-to-earth this or that A-list star is.

Basketball: Bullets over the court

The revelation that one of the NBA's star players brought guns into his team's changing room has exposed the uncomfortable links between the sport and gang culture

Celebrity sex scandals

This week, chat show star David Letterman shocked his audience when he revealed he had slept with female employees, and as a result had been blackmailed for 2 million dollars.

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Caught in the Net: Fein line in matters of pop

Russ Feingold, a Democratic US senator for Wisconsin who's been turning his attention to the more relaxed matters of pop music, posted a video on his website (www.russfeingold.org) last month entitled "Fein Tunes", where he discussed music that interested him, offering a shout-out to fellow Wisconsinite, Bon Iver. A later instalment discussed his fondness for Wilco, in particular for 'Mermaid Avenue' (1998), the album of Woody Guthrie songs they recorded with Billy Bragg. Feingold's timing is good as Wilco's new album is released in June, and already available to stream at their website, tinyurl.com/ppx8nn.

Hit & Run: Where’s our Jon Stewart?

Who said satire was dead? In the US, at least, plenty did. Once President Bush left office, they argued, political comedy would be moribund, irrelevant – specifically that scourge of the Bush administration, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Woods aims for US Open return after knee surgery

Tiger Woods has had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee to repair cartilage damage, his second operation in five years on the same knee. He is expected to be absent for at least a month while he recovers.

Tony Blackburn: My Life in Media

'It can be quite stressful when these ratings figures come out, which I don't believe in. I don't think anyone knows who's listening or not.'