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Those Olsen girls have got some fashion flair: their luxury label The Row narrowly missed out on an award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America earlier this year, and now they've announced a collaboration with footwear label Toms. Rendered in the brand's signature espadrille style, their line swaps the standard canvas material for soft, sumptuous Italian leather and snuggly cashmere. But just like any other pair of Toms, each purchase will be matched by the donation of a pair of shoes to children in the Third World. Available now, from £110, toms.co.uk

Barry Adamson gets behind the camera for film noir 'Therapist'

Therapist is the dark debut film by Barry Adamson, who is better known for his haunting movie scores for Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers and David Lynch's Lost Highway than for getting behind the camera. The 40-minute film noir is a about an ethereal Polish immigrant, Monika, searching for her sister. Monika's story merges into that of a film-maker seeking solace on the therapist's couch.

Mulholland Drive inspires a Parisian club

David Lynch aficionados will soon have a new temple to worship at. The cult auteur's latest project is designing a club in Paris. Club Silencio gets its name from the fictional establishment featured in Lynch's lauded 2001 movie Mulholland Drive. Lynch has designed the entire interior of the club, including some striking pieces of furniture. A surreal wooden-speaker stack seems to resemble a nightmarish appropriation of the face of a child's cuddly toy – the eyes being the two circular speaker cones. He's also designed several bespoke chairs and an asymmetrical double sofa, footstool and side- table combination.

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The end: Dino De Laurentiis dies aged 91

Dino De Laurentiis, the prolific Hollywood impresario who was behind more than 500 movies and left an indelible footprint on the way the industry makes and markets major films, has died. He was 91.