American Football: Redskins ambush Cowboys for title

Rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III ran for a touchdown as the Washington Redskins won the NFC East title by beating the Dallas Cowboys 28-18 late on Sunday. The Redskins will host the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday in the play-offs.

Aurora victims' families watch 'The Joker' in court

Relatives of those killed in a massacre at a showing of new Batman movie came face to face with the man accused of unleashing the mayhem yesterday - his shock of dyed orange hair giving him the appearance of The Joker character he told police he had been emulating.

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American Football: New outbreak of 'Tebowing' as quarterback puts

If it ever went away, Tebow-mania is back in the NFL. For much of the regular season, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow made himself a national cult – hurling winning, last-minute touchdown passes and then kneeling on the touchline to give thanks to the Almighty for his deliverance, in a gesture that spawned its own word, "Tebowing". But in the last few games the magic had deserted him, and the Broncos barely made the play-offs.