American Football: Redskins ambush Cowboys for title

Rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III ran for a touchdown as the Washington Redskins won the NFC East title by beating the Dallas Cowboys 28-18 late on Sunday. The Redskins will host the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday in the play-offs.

Aurora victims' families watch 'The Joker' in court

Relatives of those killed in a massacre at a showing of new Batman movie came face to face with the man accused of unleashing the mayhem yesterday - his shock of dyed orange hair giving him the appearance of The Joker character he told police he had been emulating.

Hundreds flee blazing US wildfires

Firefighters battled wildfires that spread quickly in parched forests in Colorado and New Mexico, forcing hundreds of people from their homes and the evacuation of wolves from a sanctuary.

American Football: New outbreak of 'Tebowing' as quarterback puts

If it ever went away, Tebow-mania is back in the NFL. For much of the regular season, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow made himself a national cult – hurling winning, last-minute touchdown passes and then kneeling on the touchline to give thanks to the Almighty for his deliverance, in a gesture that spawned its own word, "Tebowing". But in the last few games the magic had deserted him, and the Broncos barely made the play-offs.

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Hindu rites for lesbian wedding

A lawyer and a university professor from the United States celebrated Nepal's first public lesbian wedding ceremony yesterday, after the Himalayan nation began recognising gay rights and drafting laws to end sexual discrimination.