Dmitry Medvedev

Ceasefire! It's a wedding

Firing off bullets into the sky has been a jubilant climax to thousands of weddings in Russia's remote areas - but now the custom is under threat, as armed guests venture closer to cities and stray bullets cause an increasing amount of mayhem.

Politics: Mr President, your Tube carriage/limo/helicopter awaits...

And you thought Vladimir Putin commuted to the Kremlin topless on the back of a lion. Nope, the President gets around the Russian capital like millions of other Muscovites: via its notoriously snarled-up streets. So bad is gridlock in Moscow that the President has now taken to working from his suburban home to save angering his subjects with his massive motorcade, for which everything must give way.

Putin rules out election re-run

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin has rejected demands from growing numbers of protesters for a re-run of the fraud-tainted parliamentary election.

No longer the same old story

Following protests and online activity, the Russian media are increasingly reporting the truth. By Jonathan Brown

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