Domino's Pizza

Janet Street-Porter: I'd be a lousy MP – and so would Esther

It's damage limitation time. David Cameron demands an immediate General Election to lance the festering boil that threatens to harm democracy, and Michael Martin steps down as Speaker. MPs will be creeping back to their constituencies tomorrow to face the music, hoping that once parliament is in recess we might tire of the expenses saga – fat chance.

The meal deal: Britain's low-cost, high fat binge

It's cheap. It's tasty. It's full of fat. Junk food is back on the menu – but what's really behind the country's craving for burgers, fries and meatball subs? Simon Usborne joins the queues

Catherine Townsend gets spiritual

She is a woman who loves her junk food so why did Catherine Townsend book into a notoriously tough detox centre? And would a regime of clay drinks, carrot juice and caffeine enemas improve her health?