Dorchester pledges to help feed needy

London's poverty-stricken elderly citizens could soon be enjoying swapping meals on wheels and soup for Michelin-starred food straight from the kitchens of one of the capital's most luxurious hotels.

Dennis Lehane: The writer who makes crime pay

Child abuse, murder, mental illness, marital breakdown: it's all grist to the mill for Dennis Lehane. And the literary thriller writer has plenty to get off his chest about the welfare system, bankers and 'postmodern jerk-offs' too

Geoffrey Hutchings: Veteran character actor who portrayed Sid James on

Although he was much admired for taking many character roles on screen and stage over almost half a century, Geoffrey Hutchings did not become a "star" until he appeared in the television sitcom Benidorm. He played Mel Harvey, the working-class businessman who frequently boasted of becoming a millionaire after setting up, then selling, his "five sunbed shops in the Greater Manchester area". Even then, the actor was a household "face" rather than name.

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Gone Baby Gone (15)

A child is gone, but a reputation is reborn: Ben Affleck's directorial debut was withdrawn last year because of the McCann case. It still makes disturbing viewing

The lady vanishes: What ever happened to Fenella Fielding?

She wowed Noel Coward, fascinated Fellini and seemed destined to become a huge star. But after a vampish turn in 1966's 'Carry on Screaming', Fenella Fielding's film career never recovered. Here, she tells her amazing story – and reveals why her latest showbusiness venture has gone horribly wrong