Gervase de Peyer, obituary

Acclaimed as the most recorded clarinet soloist in the world, he was the principal of the London Symphony Orchestra, a regular soloist at the Proms and his later career expanded to giving master classes and teaching in America

Sir Gerald Kaufman obituary

Kaufman was famed for his sharp tongue and dismissal of his own party’s 1983 manifesto as ‘the longest suicide note in history’

Liz Smith obituary

Asked whether she had a happy life, she replied: ‘No. I consider I’ve had too much struggle and too much loneliness and too much rejection’

Lord Jenkin obituary

Lord Jenkin served in the Thatcher Cabinet but was not ‘one of us’. Aged 86, he championed same-sex marriage in the Lords, before retiring and urging ‘extinct volcanoes’ among his colleagues to follow suit