Chancellor opposes waste disposal on his doorstep

Cheshire residents have come together in one of the most fiercely fought campaigns to oppose municipal waste incinerators since six were proposed to dispose of their rubbish. They claim that their county is in danger of becoming "the most incinerator-contaminated place in Britain".

Mini and Mitsubishi start UK electric car trials

Mitsubishi and BMW's Mini launched their UK electric vehicle trials at the weekend; both initiatives are part-funded by the British Government's Technology Strategy Board which will support tests involving 340 alternative fuel vehicles from several manufacturers.

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Pandora: Ruff justice in Romania

The Press Association's political editor Jon Smith – who was injured in a road accident involving No 10 staff, journalists and a Bucharest bus driver – could count himself lucky, given the reported fate of some of the city's Dracula-esque stray dogs, a 30,000-strong infestation.