Eiffel Tower

Chic sleeps in Paris

The Big Six: from outdoor Jacuzzis and inky interiors to views of the Eiffel Tower

The 10 Best cycling events

From the Dragon Ride in Wales to the Tour of County Tyrone, explore stunning scenery and get fit at the same time

Police clash with souvenir sellers under Eiffel Tower

They are a familiar sight to visitors to the Eiffel Tower: souvenir sellers hawking knick-knacks ranging from plastic models of the famous structure to hats that double as umbrellas. But the police are not impressed, and following clashes with the vendors at the weekend, have vowed to crack down.

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Set in a lush part of northern Normandy, this pretty old auberge is owned by a British couple: André and Lynne Tamba. He hosts, she cooks (four-course menus from €22). This homey place has palpable charm, while the cuisine impresses even the French clientele – some of whom find it difficult to believe that their meal was not prepared by a fellow Gaul. Comfy accommodation is offered in seven bedrooms creaking with venerable beams.

Segway tycoon dies in cliff fall while riding scooter

The Segway was hailed before its launch as a green transport solution of the future. One such believer in the emission-free scooter-cum-skateboard was a former Yorkshire miner turned multimillionaire philanthropist called Jimi Heselden, who last year bought the American firm which invented the self-righting two-wheeler. But in what appears to have been a freak accident, Mr Heselden has been found dead after apparently plunging 30ft over the side of a cliff while riding one of the machines he hoped would revolutionise the way we travel.