Elton John

Ellie Goulding, Roundhouse, London

Wearing a baggy cagoule, apparently fashioned from a bin bag, paired with black pvc shorts, Ellie Goulding takes the stage in the first gig of a tour to promote her new album, Halcyon.

Oscars Trending: New Zealand's second most popular folk singer makes

Two things that we've never met anyone who dislikes – The Muppets and the Flight of the Conchords. As such, it was almost inevitable that Conchord Bret McKenzie's writing of songs for the recent Muppets movie was guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of most right-thinking fans of puppets and well-pitched parody songs.

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DVD: Gnomeo and Juliet, For retail & rental (Entertainment One)

It's possibly not the most promising idea – turning a corpse-strewn Shakespearean tragedy into a cartoon about two gnomes from adjacent back gardens who fall in love – but Gnomeo and Juliet turns out to be a lively, sweet, reasonably clever bit of sub-Pixar fun.