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Fast Food

Film review: Compliance (15)

Craig Zobel's drama, allegedly "inspired by true events", is a banal nightmare about coercion and gullibility.

Poll: Findus horsemeat lasagne offered at £70 on eBay, but how much

Would you gobble it for the taste? Or keep it frozen as a portion of British history? Followers of the horsemeat scandal now have the chance to make that decision in their own kitchen as listings have appeared on auction-site eBay offering "limited edition" Findus lasagne - for the sum of £70.

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Humour: Wild horses couldn't have stopped these jokers

There's nothing like a food scandal to get people laughing themselves horse, if this week's mane event anything to go by. Despite thinking on the hoof, Britain's punners weren't afraid to flog a dead horse in a bid for jokes. Here are some of the thoroughbreds...

Food: Loaded buns as the burger war rages

The burger continues to have a golden moment in the UK, with restaurants such as Meat Liquor, Burger and Lobster, Lucky Chip, MEATmarket and Dirty Burger turning bread and mince into a gastronomic art form.

A whopper of a business opportunity: Burger King launches home

While jumping in the car to pick up a burger isn't the most strenuous of outings, Burger King appears to think differently. The company has been quietly rolling out a delivery service across the US this year. The most recent state to benefit is Florida, which began its pilot programme at earlier this month.