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Bert Lance: Banker who joined Jimmy Carter's 'Georgia mafia'

Bert Lance was a genial Georgia banker who became President Jimmy Carter's budget director, only to be forced out after less than a year. Lance, who called himself a "country banker," was one of the more colourful members of the "Georgia mafia" that arrived in Washington after Carter was elected in 1976. He had been part of Carter's inner circle since the 1960s and had reportedly been the first person to recommend that Carter run for president. He was rewarded with the plum post of director of the Office of Management and Budget.

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British doctors putting their lives on the line in Syria

The death of a young British doctor in Syria has spurred support for a small UK charity that is among the few bringing frontline medical aid to civilians caught up in the conflict – often provided by NHS doctors putting their careers on hold, or giving up holidays to bring their expertise to one of the world's most bitter war zones.