Seductive lure of Carsten Höller's living wonderland

Twelve castrated male reindeer, 12 canaries, reindeer urine, fly agaric mushrooms and two houseflies of indeterminate sex. So reads the list of materials used in Carsten Höller's latest exhibition, SOMA, at the Hamburger Bahnhof museum in Berlin.

Consuming issues: A delicious (or deadly) feast from the woods

If I had picked the mushrooms in my garden a fortnight ago, you would not be readingthis column, either because they were delicious risotto-ed or fried with butter and garlic; or because I would be dead. I exaggerate: apparently you can eat Paxillus involutus (brown roll rims) time and again for years and then, one year, you die of renal failure.

Kew's giant fungi collection

The biggest collection of fungi in the world will be created this week as Kew Gardens takes delivery of more than 400,000 specimens.

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