Gary Lineker

Lineker: 'Leicester's season is bonkers'

The Match of the Day presenter is refusing to believe the title is already in the hands of his hometown club, but if they do manage to win the league, a repeat performance next season is unlikely, he tells The Independent

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Sport on TV: Meet Gary Lineker's black sheep who fleeced local gentry

Gary Lineker's strange, rubbery face is among the most instantly recognisable in the country. Unlike many a prima donna footballer he probably never has to splutter: "Don't you know who I am?" But he was the latest to find out about himself in Who do you think you are? (BBC1, Wednesday). When you find out that Gary's dad was called Barry and his grandfather was called Harry, you just know that he comes from a somewhat different background to Sir Matthew Pinsent, who discovered that he was directly related to King John, the signatory to Britain's constitution, and thereby to Jesus and, er, God through the ancient belief in the divine right of kings. It's just a shame that Gary didn't follow in his own family tradition by calling one of his four sons Larry. But then the poor lamb might have turned into the black sheep of the family. They would have made mincemeat of him at school.