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Goldman Sachs

Morning ****; All That is Wrong, ***, Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

Are the kids alright? Not really, to judge by the Traverse’s theatre programme. In Simon Stephens’ Morning, which concludes with words “There is only terror. There is no hope”, the troubled state of today’s youth is laid bare in sinister and brutal fashion.

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Goldman defies public fury with another £10bn bonus payout

Goldman Sachs, the mightiest of the world's investment banks, will reveal a new round of bumper bonus payouts this morning that is expected to average at around $450,000 (£280,000) per person, demonstrating that another year of public fury at bankers' pay has failed to change behaviour on Wall Street and in the City of London.

Hamish McRae: East of Wall St

China and India are no longer willing to listen to financial advice from the West. The balance of power – economic, social and political – has shifted, and we must accept our fate, says Hamish McRae