Range finder: Exploring Spain’s Sierra Nevada

For Jeremy Laurance, a week-long hiking holiday in Andalucia's Sierra Nevada meant travelling light and relishing the epic scenery – with the added bonus of a night of wild camping

Enrique Morente: Singer and composer who helped spearhead flamenco's

Enrique Morente was one of the founding fathers of modern flamenco, a singer and composer who left no stone unturned in his lifelong bid to renovate what had been Spain's most conservative folk-music form. No one but Morente would have had the courage – or originality – to conceive and produce Omega (1996) a multi-layered work fusing punk rock, poetry by Federico Garcia Lorca, songs by Leonard Cohen and flamenco. Omega had (and still has) the purists up in arms, but if Morente's imaginative versatility and willingness to break with convention were two of his musical trademarks, a third made it impossible simply to label him an outcast.

Lorca's grave awakens other ghosts

The excavation of a mass grave on a Granada hillside where the poet Federico Garcia Lorca was murdered during the Spanish Civil War has reinforced calls for the area to be investigated. "Lorca was just one of 4,000 executions on a roadside just a kilometre long," says Juan Antonio Lopez Diaz, a Granada University professor. "There are so many bodies there that pine trees were planted just to stop them being uncovered by rainfall erosion."

Travel quiz: Where in the world?

Are you a globetrotter and a general knowledge genius? Do you know your towers from your temples and your shrines from your spires? Enter our quiz to win a host of travel prizes including a luxury weekend in Barcelona

The Complete Guide To: Spanish journeys

Whether you crave a spiritual pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela or prefer to follow in Don Quixote's fictional footsteps, you can find your perfect route

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