The Silk Road: A pathway to the future

Recent infrastructure investments in Silk Road countries are putting the historic pathway back on the map. As Andrew MacLeod writes, a trip down the ancient route is not only a glimpse into history – it is a preview of the future

The fate of women's freedom in Lesotho

The African Growth and Opportunity Act brought about economic change in the southern African nation, but is under threat after an attempted coup in 2014

What is Habitat III and why does it matter?

As more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, a sustainable urban development plan has never been so important for addressing cities’ greatest problems from housing to health, writes Enora Robin

Recovering stolen art

Pissarro’s ‘Shepherdess’ ended up at the University of Oklahoma 55 years after the Nazis had stolen it but is heading back to France at last

Selfies from the Somme

In the run-up to July's centenary of one of the bloodiest battles in human history, The Independent is publishing a different  Tommy's picture every day throughout June